Sterling Profile | TeHo® Wound Contact Layer
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TeHo® Wound Contact Layer

TeHo® Wound contact layer is a porous, low adherent, non-irritating, non woven fabric, coated with a soft silicone layer on both sides. TeHo® Wound contact layer forms a protective barrier for granulation tissue to grow undisturbed by frequent changes of the outer absorbent dressing being used. TeHo® Wound contact layer allows exudate to pass through it, preventing wound maceration without hindering the function of the absorbent dressing.

TeHo® Wound contact layer is used in the management of wounds such as cuts, abrasions, blisters, post-operative wounds, first and second degree burns, skin grafts, partial and full thickness wounds, stage I-IV pressure ulcers, arterial and venous stasis leg ulcers.



TeHo® Wound Contact Layer 8×10 cm